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But if you are frequently adding new products. Your products are changing, or you sell hundrs or thousands of products manual upload on. Your product catalog would take multiple full-time employees just to manage listings. We’re not about that life for you. That’s why we recommend using a data fe to upload your products. How to Set Up a Data Fe Before you can upload a data fe, you ne to create the file in the proper format. ’s help documents have detail instructions, and after you’ve done that, you’ll follow these steps product catalog Go to Commerce Manager and select your catalog.

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Open the Catalog tab and go to Data Sources. Select Add Items. If a dropdown appears, select Add Multiple Items. Select Data Fe follow by Next. Under “Is your spreadsheet or file ready , select Yes and then Next. Optional To check if your file is formatt correctly, select Check File. A tool appears in a new tab. Copy and paste several rows from your Dubai Phone Number List file into the tool and select Validate. If you see any errors, it your file to fix them before you proce. Close the tab when you’re finish and select Next. Choose how to upload your file. Follow the link from your select.

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Option below to skip to your next steps. Upload from computer Use a URL Use Google Sheets Your data fe can be set to update on a schule. We recommend weekly on your slowest day, but you can run that by your developer if you have one . When you use a fe, you don’t have to worry about manually tracking or updating inventory or images. What Do You Do With A Product Catalog Now that you know pretty much everything you ne to know about. Catalog Leads Blue setup, let’s talk about why you even want that catalog. Like, what will it do for your business It’s a valid question.

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