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How to change the color of an object in photoshop If you can’t see this icon, your toolbar might have one of the other selection tools select., which is the quick selection tool or the magic wand tool. If either of these is currently at your toolbar just click on the icon and do not let go until these options show up, and then click on the object selection tool. Step Now with the selection tool on, click and drag your mouse around the object you want to select. And then, Photoshop’s artificial intelligence will detect and select it. Now, this is a pretty good start, but you’ll notice some things outside of the shirt have been includ.

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In the selection And this is the part where we ne. to assist Photoshop’s AI in selecting our object. For example, we want to deselect the part of the model’s arm which the AI select.. To do that press and hold option or ALT on a PC , then click and drag over it to deselect. We’re going to do the same for the rest of the parts of the images we want to deselect. Now for the parts that the AI miss. to select, we’re going to press and hold CTRL, then click and Canada Mobile Number List drag over the areas we want to add to our selection. Once we’re happy with the selection we can go ahead and isolate our object.

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Step On the bottom part of the layers window, click on the add layer mask button. At this point, if you hide the layer below our mask, you can see that what’s left of the image is our selection and everything else is no longer visible. Step Now that our object is cropp., we can proce. with .iting the color as we did on our first sample image. On your keyboard, hit cmd.g or CTRL.g if you’re using a PC. This will make a group to contain the layer of our Leads Blue isolat. object layer and adjustment layers. By keeping them in the same group, we’re containing all the color.

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