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Ads that send people directly to your website. Or product page because it’s a quick, impulse buy ad funnel But if you sell higher pric products or. Services you’ll want to run ads a lead that’s not going to convert later Bottom of funnel Conversion Stage Lastly, the narrowest part at the bottom is call bottom of funnel, also known as the conversion stage People who have made it to this point in your funnel are consider a “hot audience” That’s because they’re familiar with your brand, they’ve shown interest, and they’ve taken a high intent action This could mean that they’ve shar their contact information with you or they’ve been adding your products to cart.

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For e ample but they just haven’t made the. Move to purchase yet Your bottom of funnel marketing materials should be made ready to close. These people That’s because, by this point, all they ne is that e tra push to convert into a customer So those are your basic parts to a ad funnel advertising funnel, in general Now there’s a bonus fourth section Nepal Mobile Number List you don’t always see talk about, but before we get into that, here’s our new social mia ads webinar Go check it out if you’re interest in mastering social mia advertising, ads includ Advocacy So the fourth section of a ad funnel that you dont.

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To introduce your brand a little more first. And more importantly, provide value first So providing value to a cold audience could include sending.  Traffic to your landing page or blog with the traffic campaign ad funnel and then just change the optimization to be for landing page views because that optimizes for a little more than just Leads Blue clicks ad funnel It shows the ad to people who are likely to actually wait for your landing page to load.

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