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By segmenting contacts, it becomes possible to segment messages, i.e. convey relevant and pertinent content according to the needs and stage of the funnel in which these users are. Creating a relationship of trust, in which users feel considered as people with specific wants and needs rather than mere users, makes it easier not only to convert potential customers into customers but also to push current customers to buy more.

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Marketing automation, for example, it becomes possible to associate the sending of precise messages starting from specific actions undertaken by the user, from browsing the prices page to Malaysia Phone Number List downloading a free guide from the website. In short, at this point the lead nurturing phase begins , that process which aims to build a relationship with potential customers through personalized content designed to accompany the user along the funnel, up to conversion.

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Customer loyalty now passes through a whole series of long-term strategies that offer immediate benefits and a deep sense of belonging and exclusivity linked to the brand: points collection Leads Blue and discount coupons. However, one of the key features of relationship marketing is that it doesn’t end at the conversion . In fact, relationship marketing continues throughout the potential customer’s life cycle with the constant aim of retaining them and encouraging new purchases.

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