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As she says herself it was an exciting day. for the doodler and the world of science ”. The last interesting fact that we will mention is that the. Google Doodles team has a special set of rules that every doodler must follow this can also be useful when creating our proposal. The main rule is that doodles are suppos to delight and surprise people they cannot be too obvious. Another important rule is that Doodles are never dicat to someone who is still alive, as they focus on. Honoring the life achievements of various characters. Google Doodles controversy Considering the extent to which.

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Google is known and the fact that doodles. Have been appearing almost every day for several years, it is not difficult to guess that they have met with a wave of criticism at least once. The first such case was on September , , when a graphic was publish in honor of author. Roald Dahl on the anniversary of his birth. This date is also the day of the holiday in Azerbaijan Mobile Number List Judaism. Rosh Hashanah , known in Poland as the Feast of Trumpets the first day of the year in the calendar jewish m. The company was immiately flood with a wave of criticism due to the fact. That the author was once accus of having anti Semitic views.

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Outrageous voices result in the removal. Of the doodle by on the same day, until today in the official reports and archives we will not find any mention of the Dahl graphic. Perhaps this was the reason for the arrangement under which the doodles. Do not refer to any religious holidays or their celebrations graphics and games focus on the envelope. Of the day itself, for example, in the case of Christmas on the Google homepage, we will see basically nothing, which could be associat with the. Christian faith, and instead our eyes will see a beautifully decorat Leads Blue Christmas tree and children playing with freshly unwrapp presents.

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