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To line up on beat drops or drum hits You can spe up or slow down certain parts of your clip to make sure you hit the right spots Then you have access to these tools Download Save your Reel to your device Music Add music to your Reel after filming Voiceover Record a voiceover to add to your clip Effects You can add these after filming for more effect Stickers Enhance your Reels Draw Draw on your Reel Add Te t Add te t on the screen and set duration Get E clusive Marketing Tips Join over , marketers who get e clusive marketing tips that we only share with our subscribers.

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Then you ll enter your caption, choose hashtags, crop your profile image, tag people, and mark partnership in Advanc Settings when applicable Click Share when you’re ready to publish or save as a draft if you’re working ahead Check Reel Analytics to Monitor Performance Reels specific performance metrics include Accounts Reach This Senegal Mobile Number List metric tells you how many unique Instagram users saw your Reel at least once Plays This is the number of times your Reel has been play It could be higher than the number of accounts reach, since some users may watch your.

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Reel more than once Likes This metric tells you how many users lik your Reel Comments The number of comments on an individual Reel Saves The number of times your Reel was bookmark Shares The number of times Instagram users shar your Reel to their story or sent it to another user Ideas For Your Reel Ads Share ucational content relevant to your target audience Showcase your products, services, or e perience Some options are Show new Leads Blue products on the shelves Unbo ings Room or building tours Service e perience “trailers” that show short clips of your process pair with music.

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