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Result in brand awareness and audience building before sales In our ad costs post, we said you ne to be ready to not make money back on your initial ad investment And that’s a reality we think many business owners don’t want to hear But before you tap out totally deflat, here’s the flip side of that reality In your initial period of investing in ads, you are laying a solid foundation for a profitable, sustainable outcome later All of the FB results you’ve seen us share in this blog, where we’re generating hundrs of thousands in revenue from FB ads from our clients.

Ad Campaign Set Up For Success

Social mia advertising tutorial how much should you spend on advertising how much should you spend on advertising start by using an initial period to test and figure out who and where their most profitable audience is on And we give all of our new clients in this situation the same budget recommendation that we’re about to share with you So are you ready to know how much should you spend on advertising This is what our agency recommends Kuwait Mobile Number List if you’re totally new to it and don’t have any customer data a month, for months straight at a minimum,  If you can do more, do more It’d be better if you can spend closer to K over months, but we just try to be.

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With Really Smart Targeting

Mindful and realistic with new business budgets So that’s just the minimum to start acquiring some specific data Don’t hear us say a month for months, and go running thinking that’s all you gotta spend on to make millions You have to note the amount of time, testing, and budget that went into those campaigns we show earlier These are the huge things that allocating a budget for initial advertising will do for you It will show you how much of your audience is on, and what ad verbiage, content, and creatives resonate with them best Leads Blue Knowing this will be helpful as you go on to hone in your ads and e plore other marketing channels down the road.

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