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Source The power of social & live commerce research carri out by the Women of e business Foundation.The beginning of a new year always encourages summaries and reflection on what the next months may bring. In that case to follow the tradition I will try to briefly summarize which events were important and the most important in the SEO industry and I will indicate what will affect the position of websites in the coming. SEO summary in The year was interesting in many ways. As in previous years we can see Google s fight against dishonest positioning practices or the Internet giant s focus on search engine users. The novelties introduc in the previous year also mix up the positions of websites.

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What were we up against in Algorithms algorithms algorithms In the summary of I wrote that it was a quiet year in terms of algorithms. The same cannot be said for. Google clearly accelerat with the introduction of changes in the search engine and this time the modifications were very extensive. They affect many aspects that we SEO specialists pay Namibia Mobile Number List special attention to when optimizing the website. Listing only Core Updates there were as many as updates last year in June July and November. New algorithms very often turn over search results and cause big changes in organic traffic. It was not different this time. In addition Google has also introduc changes regarding spam links Link Spam Update.

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low quality unnatural backlinks. This was another attempt to ruce the impact of this element on search results. Nevertheless valuable links are still very important in the positioning process and link building is one of the most important factors affecting the positioning of websites. In the updates also includ a product reviewand this aspect of positioning has had two confirm changes. The first took place in May and at the beginning includ only products describ in English. Later it was also upload to other languages. This update address artificially generat Leads Blue reviews and their impact on page rankings. It has long been known that the so call User Generat.

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