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However it is worth doing everything to meet it. The use of breadcrumbs brings many benefits both for users and website owners. They are also appreciat by Google The most important of these benefits are present below. Breadcrumbs navigation what is it about However, before we get to know the advantages of using breadcrumbs, it is worth finding out what breadcrumbs navigation is , the so call breadcrumb navigation. This navigation usually consists in arranging page links in accordance with the hierarchy of importance of subpages. In this case, it takes the following form.

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Home Category Subcategory Product. The diagram above shows the most common of the three types of navigation, location bas navigation other types of navigation are discuss later in the article. Source https allegro.pl Breadcrumb navigation from general to specific. As you can see, breadcrumbs navigation is mainly about organizing information on a website according to a simple rule from general to specific. Thanks to such a hierarchy, a user Australia Mobile Number List viewing a product in an. Online store can quickly return to a subcategory, category or home page. It is similar in the case of a user reading an article on the portal breadcrumbs navigation allows him to easily return to the page he was.

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On before to the section with information about. Poland or the section with information about the world. breadcrumbs in search results. An example of displaying breadcrumbs in search results Advantages of using breadcrumbs website user. The advantages of using breadcrumbs from the user s perspective include faster and easier navigation on the site easy switching between sections of the website just one click intuitive recognition of website sections clear division into home page, categories, subcategories, products, etc. Note A great convenience Leads Blue for website users is placing the breadcrumb menu at the top of the website, just above the product name.

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