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Click Create account If you don’t have a campaign group, click Create campaign group Click the Create campaign button below the Accounts tab Add a Campaign name by clicking the it icons Confirm the Select Campaign Group Click Use a different group or Create a new group if ne Campaign groups can’t be it from this page Click Ne t Select from the following objectives for your campaign Website visits Lead generation Website conversions messaging ads Define your target audience in the Audience section Create your target audience by selecting the targeting facets.

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To apply a previously sav targeting template, click the Sav audiences dropdown in the Audience section You may apply Match Audiences, which allows you to upload pany or contact lists or retarget bas on website visits or ad engagement Select Ad format here we chose plete the Budget & Schule and Bid sections Add optional Conversion Uganda Mobile Number List Tracking Click Ne t and Save from the Confirm save popup Now you’ll add your creatives Let’s walk through those together Choose Create new ad from the Ads in this campaign section Name the ad Select a sender or click.

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Add sender to add an unlist member of your network Click the section and enter the subject, te t, and optional footer Use macros to personalize your messaging ads You can manually type macros into your or you can click Insert custom field to select from the options available You can add hyperlinks to your by clicking the Link icon Enter the Call to action, Landing page URL, and optional Upload a banner creative All URLs must have the Leads Blue http or https prefi If you add URL parameters for third party tracking, do not use quotation mark characters within the parameter.

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