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Impact on the company’s development, will not work after a day, week or month. Constant reminders of commitment and regular measurement of effects will allow you to determine after some time whether continuing the project makes sense. An additional advantage of EA will be the fact that willy nilly we will learn the opinions of employees about our company, its external and internal activities, as well as the products or services it offers. What mistakes to avoid when entering employee advocacy What are the most common employee advocacy mistakes Carrying out this type of action in an inappropriate and ill consider way can have deplorable consequences.

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Artificial or negative opinions of our employees online will cause the brand to lose any cribility in the eyes of potential and existing consumers, instead of developing and seizing a part of the market for itself. Above all, you should watch out for lack of analysis as we mention above, the most important element precing the implementation of the EA program is the setting of quantifiable goals and the appropriate selection of people; if we entrust entries Bulgaria Mobile Number List about our company to employees who are frustrat and dissatisfi with their position in the company, the content they share will certainly be either artificial or negative; schematic if we manage to select the right.

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People for the action it would be best if, after announcing their willingness to introduce the program, willing people come to us , we must let them be themselves. A common mistake is to convey to program participants advantages or features that they must mention in their posts and opinions. Trust is the key, so it’s worth giving the ambassadors a free hand and, of course, checking the situation from time to time , although training in brand image building certainly won’t hurt. See Value proposition what is it and how will it help your company Employee advocacy has a lot of potential To sum up, the employee advocacy program is able to bring a lot Leads Blue of benefits to the company, if only it is conduct in a skilful way from beginning to end.

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