Babyghost is a company in the fashion

The fashion Today it is difficult to prict the future of. BB sales but it is possible to analyze the past and try to define shortterm scenarios. How much do you think the world of sales has chang in the last years? Everyone has their opinion. From our analyses, the change in the BB sales sector is more than evident. The recent economic situation has made our buyers more attentive, bringing them closer. To the figure of “Uncle Scrooge” The largescale accessibility of information from the Internet has transform the buyer’s purchasing process , making it much longer. The time available to buyers is increasingly shorter and cold calls have less and less impact.

We just have to cry

No, in fact all we have to do is open a door and discover everything behind the Fourth Industrial Revolution. As behind every revolution, there are those who fall seo expater bangladesh ltd and those who get up, or at best, those who adapt. Inbound marketing , artificial intelligence , marketing automation and lead generation are the new activities available to modern marketing and sales teams. But who is driving this “Future direction” spaceship? It may seem strange to you, but he is our driver our modern buyer. The modern buyer, or more simply our buyer. The era of the customer has arriv, for those of us who have always work in the sector.

Establish a relationship of trust

Of human center design, user research and qualitative research, we have always known it. Customer experience is an extremely important competitive element. Now, the customer is at the center. The buyerseller relationship has been revers. First of all we are no longer talking Leads Blue about the sales process, but about the purchasing process. All salespeople can do is with the buyer as soon as possible we must be consider thought leaders Create an exceptional shopping experience Being ucators, consultants and then sellers not to mention ” trust advisors “. We must not sell, but help.

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