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This point deserves a separate paragraph. Because the new way of displaying search results may cause quite a stir in the positioning industry in the future. It is worth recalling that the meta title has an impact on CTR click through rate or positions in organic results. Their task is to enable users to quickly evaluate the content of websites and the relevance of the result. Until now Google has us content from the title element to display clickable content in search results. Only in a few cases were we able to see changes to title links that pull information from the page into the title tag. At the turn of August and September. Google introduc a significant change that began to rewrite title tags in search results.

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To automatically generate more relevant titles. Google began to use not only the information contain in title elements but also the main titles or headings visible on the page. H heading elements content contain in paragraphs or anchor and link texts. meta title Unfortunately there were mishaps. Many specialists were shock by how unprepar the Nepal Mobile Number List first version of this change was. We have already written about some spectacular mishaps on our blog Changes in meta title display algorithm update. After a few weeks Google made corrections to the update and supplement the documentation giving specific reasons that may affect the rewriting of the tag.

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At the same time it was assur that the new. Version of the algorithm affect about of search results. Reading the arguments cit by. Google it is impossible not to agree that the action taken to actually match the results to the query makes sense. Unfortunately the very introduction of the change took place in a way that was not fully thought out. Google did not take into account for example the impact of removing certain information from the title tag on CTR from organic results. MobileFirst Index The Neverending Story in involv a full transition to Mobile Leads Blue First Index. The update that Google announc back in increas the importance of mobile websites in positioning.

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