Important Things When Selling Across Ecommerce Borders

Positioning yourself in the international arena can bring a larger audience to your products and attract more buying customers.

Additionally, once you transition to eCommerce cross-border selling, you will be selling directly to the consumer (D2C), thereby effectively eliminating wholesale. You can adjust your final sale price, and take home a large portion of the profit margin, resulting in increased sales.

Increase sales and revenue

When you sell domestically, chances are that your selling strategy is limited to the seasons in your country. However, when you go over the top, you can take advantage of the peak season.

In general, these are the documents you need for international shipping:

Purchase Order (PO)
PO is a document that officially states that an order has been received. This determines what you will give and how much it will cost.

The commercial invoice contains database all of the sales transaction information, including the terms of delivery between the vendor and the customer. This is the official receipt for the transaction.

Payload list
This is a formal contract between the owner of the goods and the shipper. This is the most important shipping document and must be included regardless of the form of transportation.

This document shows information about the shipment


in particular the method of packing, dimensions and weight of each package.

Indeed, international shipping requires a lot of paperwork. However this is not a problem if you choose the right shipping company that knows the ins and outs of international shipping and export.

The best thing about eCommerce cross-border selling is that you are no longer working alone. You will be part of a system and there are companies that can do the dirty work for you.

On the other hand, SEA Leads Blue marketplaces like Shopee and Lazada have cross-border programs where you don’t have to worry about extra fees and complicated paperwork.

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