How to create a website and or blog

Now that we’ve seen the difference between a blog and a website, let’s see how to create them.Despite the differences, there are a few things that are identical between the two types:have a domain , i.e. the web address (for example my site/blog is are “physically” installed on a server, called hosting .Whether you want to create a website or even a blog, we must first buy a domain and space on a server . It is an extremely easy and fast procedure as well as very cheap.There are several ways to do this. My favorite is to buy both the domain and hosting on SiteGround , one of the best hosting currently on the market, which will also provide you with WordPress , the most used CMS in the world to create blogs and websites.

To do this, first connect to SiteGround and click on “See plans

Then choose the plan you prefer. If you want to create only one site, then go ahead and choose the StartUp plan , it’s more than enough.

Now choose “ Register a new domain ”, enter the name you have chosen for your site and choose the extension you prefer (for example .it).

If the domain you have chosen is not available, try a different extension. For example, if mydomain .it is not available, then try .com , .org , .net and so on.

Then click on “Proceed”, enter your payment details and voilà! Your website is ready and online.

Now, when you access your site, you will notice that inside Bangladesh WhatsApp Number List 1 Million Package there will be the item “Pages” and the item “Articles”. You can use pages to create all the static pages of your website, such as the homepage, about page, contact page, services page or whatever you need.

And if you want to create a blog instead , just go to the “Articles” item to create the articles that will form your blog.

Really simple, don’t you think?

Is it better to have a blog or website?


Ok, so far we have seen many interesting things together. So now is the time to do a quick recap of everything. In light of what we have said in this article, which is better: a blog or a website?

The answer is: it depends .

It depends on your goals, what you want to promote, how much your investment budget is. Also because always remember one thing: with a static website, in order for your potential customers to find you, you will also need to invest in advertising (for example Google Ads or Facebook sponsorships).

With a blog, on the other hand, you just need to learn SEO , write Leads Blue well-positioned content on search engines and you will always receive organic traffic , i.e. without investing in advertising.

If, on the other hand, you don’t have the time/desire/slam to study SEO, create an editorial plan, write articles, optimize them… well, then opt for a static showcase website.

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