How to become a digital nomad

Becoming a digital nomad is easier said than done.

First of all it must be clear that the digital nomad is not a job but a consequence of one’s work .


This could perhaps mean taking online courses, participating in workshops or spending time learning new tools and technologies but also facing challenges and constantly growing. But that’s not too difficult either, I assure you.

Don’t forget to build a solid online presence , too . Having your own website or digital portfolio will be your trump cards for winning customers and collaborations.

And don’t forget to network with other professionals either : participate in conferences, online events and digital nomad communities ( here you can find one of my Bulk SMS New Zealand favorite groups). Share your experiences, ask questions, learn from others and build meaningful relationships.

But let’s get back to our crucial question: what jobs can we do remotely? Let’s see it together!

The jobs you can do as a digital nomad

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But specifically, what jobs can we do as digital nomads?

The answer is simple: you can do any type of work that doesn’t necessarily require your physical presence in the company and can be done completely remotely.

And I assure you that there are hundreds of jobs with these characteristics, which allow you to build a real online business .

Let’s go into more detail.


If you have a passion for writing and want to create a job Leads Blue that allows you to work and travel, then a blog is undoubtedly the right one for you . This is exactly the path I’ve taken too.

In fact, a blog can turn into a real virtual company and the positive thing about this job – compared to many others in the digital marketing sector – is that it also allows you to generate passive income , i.e. income that arrives regardless of whether whether you are working or not.


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