How To Add Shopee Products To Facebook Ads Campaigns

With the carousel format, you can display 10 different products. Products are automatically selected by Facebook to match buyer behavior and interests, but you also have the option to select and display a minimum of 5 products.

To add a product:

On the Campaigns page, choose whether you prefer all available products or select specific products.

Start selecting the product of your choice.

Click send
If a product is disapproved, simply hover over the question mark to review the reasons and make the necessary changes.

All information will be retrieved from your existing product listings, so make sure that your listings are optimized to begin with.

How to Manage Facebook Ads campaigns within Seller CenterOverview – This section provides a quick summary of how Latest Mailing Database your account is performing.
Data Export – This is where you can download time data in excel sheet format.
All Campaigns – This section shows insights gleaned from each Facebook Ads campaign.

Here are important metrics to check

Latest Mailing Database

Impressions measure the number of times your ad will appear on a buyer’s screen. If your ads are receiving relatively few impressions over a long period of time, consider increasing your daily advertising budget.

Clicks and Click-through Rate (CTR)
Clicks are the total number of Leads Blue clicks on your ad, while CTR is the result after dividing the total number of ad clicks by the total number of impressions.

Creating a Facebook Ad within a seller center is much the same as creating an Ad in the Meta Business Suite or Facebook Ads Manager.

The only difference is that the format within Seller Center is only available in Carousel.

The carousel format displays multiple images and/or videos in one ad. Each projected product has a title, description, call to action and a link to the Shopee app page.

Once you have completed your credit card, you can start creating your campaign.

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