How SEOZoom works: create a project

Once logged in, you also have the possibility to directly access the new suite , the completely renewed SEOZoom dashboard, even more intuitive and full of features.First you will need to create a new project to start analyzing your website. Then go to the left menu and select SEO Projects > New Project .Now enter the data of your blog, the main keywords you want to monitor, your competitors and all the data that is required of you to better carry out a capillary analysis of your website.Then connect Google Search Console and Google Analytics so you have access to even more accurate data. You can also download the WordPress plugin to easily connect your website to the SEOZoom dashboard.

Your project is now ready! The time has therefore come


Let’s go now to see all the main features of SEOZoom and how to Bulk SMS Ukraine use them to grow your online project, improve your positioning and acquire more traffic.


The first item you find in the menu is that of SEO projects , where you can monitor all the projects you have created, delete them or create new ones.

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By clicking on each of your individual projects you can access an overview of the entire project and some important metrics, such as:

  • Domain traffic , which measures the increase or decrease in traffic based on the monitored keywords
  • The Zoom Authority , a SEOZoom metric that estimates the authority of a website
  • The Trust , a SEOZoom value that estimates how much Google trusts your domain
  • Stability , i.e. a metric that indicates the stability of a website’s positioning
  • The Opportunity , which estimates a site’s growth opportunities.

Below the overview you also have access to more detailed data

Such as the positioning of the keywords you are monitoring, the pages that are gaining more traffic, those that are losing it, ideas for new articles and so on.


The Competition section allows you to compare two or more websites to analyze our website traffic compared to that of our competitors.

Through this feature you can compare two domains, two URLs or identify all competitors on a keyword list.

Editorial tools

One of the features I love most about SEOZoom – and it Leads Blue couldn’t be otherwise! – is the one concerning the editorial tools , a section that helps to create the contents of the blog.

Through the editorial tools you can create and manage the editorial plan of your blog , get suggestions for keywords to include in your articles (including frequently asked questions and long tail keywords ) or learn about search trends for each sector.

But the most incredible feature is that of the editorial assistant , an editor who guides you in creating text that is already optimized for search engines, a bit like what SurferSEO offers .

And yes, I’m using SEOZoom’s editorial assistant right now too, to write this article.

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