How many types of blogs are there

There are many types of blogs : niche blogs, money blogs, personal blogs and so on.

All of these typologies however can be traced back to 3 main types of blogs:

  1. Personal blogs
  2. Corporate blogs
  3. Personal branding blogs What is the difference between these 3 types of blogs? Very simple.Personal blogs , as the name suggests, are blogs that are written and managed by a blogger, who more or less constantly writes articles that reflect his thoughts, his opinion and his point of view. They are not always earning oriented.Then there are corporate blogs , which are blogs related to a company. The company, through its blog, can create content aimed at acquiring more potential customers, affirming its corporate identity and brand positioning and increasing the sales of its products and services.

Finally there are personal branding blogs

which are the right compromise between personal blogs and corporate blogs. In fact, personal branding blogs are managed by a blogger who through his content acquires customers, demonstrates his skills, affirms his personal branding and increases his earnings.

Each of these types of Bulk SMS Spain blogs then deals with specific topics. Let’s see what are the most popular and most oriented topics to earn with the blog.

Here is a list of the 15 most popular blog types with examples of the best blogs from these niches .

The best examples of food blogs to get inspired by:

  • Homemade by Benedetta

What are the most popular blogs

  • Misya. info
  • I crave sweets

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1. Food blogs

Food blogs , i.e. the classic cooking blogs , are one of Leads Blue the most open types of blogs in the world, not only because recipes are one of the favorite hobbies of many people but also because it is a type of blog that attracts a lot of traffic. and can be easily monetized.

It goes without saying that the more competition there is in a niche, the more effort you will need to make to succeed in emerging.

Therefore, always find a strong differentiating element , such as unique recipes, and study your strategy and your communication in depth if you want to be successful with this type of blog.

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