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Go to Ads Manager Use the breakdown. Menu to show Placements Identify your top performing placements. Here’s what you’ll do with that information a Increase your bids on the top performing ad placements Check your bid for ads across placements You can find that information here, use the bidding and optimization reporting preset. Go to Ads Manager Click the Columns dropdown Select Bidding and Optimization b Remove very poorly performing placements Go to Ads Manager and navigate to the ad you’re iting Click it You’ll be dropp in the ad, but you can navigate using the left sidebar here You’ll adjust placement at the.

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Ad Set Level Click on the Ad Set, organiz a step. Above Scroll down and click the checkbo to remove placements from your ad. Click Publish to publish the changes Keep in mind that a significant change like this will reset your ad to the learning phase, and you’ll ne to wait hours for the ad to reset Summary Cost per click can vary over depending on Sri Lanka Mobile Number List ad placements, so this is something you ne to pay close attention to Use AB Testing to more quickly find the best settings and creatives for your ad As a small business owner or digital marketer, one of the most important things you ne to do as part of your ads optimization is figuring out what.

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Works and what doesn’t And you ne to do so as. Quickly and affordably as possible We recently publish a post on ad testing, so we recommend you go check that out after you get our head start hacks that we’re sharing ne t Lesser known. Ads Optimization Tactics We use these tactics to give our ads a head start Hack Social Proof What is social proof The first ads optimization tactic we’re going to share with you is social proof. But what is it When we talk about social proof in online marketing , we use it to mean something like evidence Social proof is Leads Blue evidence that your product or business is lik by other people Humans, being communal animals who.

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