From Storytelling to Storydoing evolution beyond words

What is storytelling? Storytelling is a content marketing technique that is based on telling stories about a brand and its products . To be effective, these stories must have some common characteristics: they reflect the values ​​and history of the brand . It’s not just about entertaining, we’re also looking to sell our brand. Therefore, storytelling must be perfectly aligned with our branding. They do not speak directly about the product or its benefits . We have said that the objective of storytelling is to sell, but that does not mean that it is promotional content. The stories they sell do so without directly talking about the benefits of the brand or product, and sometimes they don’t even show it.

What is storytelling?

Therefore, we have to clearly differentiate between storytelling Switzerland Business Fax List and promotional content . They connect emotionally with the audience . The power of stories is that they make us identify with the characters and feel things. Storytelling stands out from conventional ads because it creates an emotional impact. This impact can take many different forms: inspiration, tenderness, humor, etc. Storytelling requires an additional effort compared to campaigns based on discounts and promotions, but in return, stories can provide us with unique benefits such as: simplify new ideas . Stories help users quickly understand abstract concepts and complex messages.

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Advantages of storydoing

This is very useful if we are presenting Leads Blue a new product. Example, we can help them understand a technological product through a story focused on what it contributes to people’s daily lives. Motivate the audience and get them to take action . The stories connect with us in a way that goes far beyond the rational. Storytelling, therefore, makes brands perceived as transparent and authentic and improves loyalty towards them. And all this increases the chances that the user will carry out the action we are looking for. Create community . Stories bring people together because they feature universal themes and emotions, like the hero’s journey.

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