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Nevertheless, the modern approach is slowly beginning to prevail. The P formula in a modern approach Modern marketing composition is simply adapting. Classic terms to new optics. Here we have: Consumer value value for the customer meeting the customer’s needs in general, not only in relation to a specific product, for example through ecological manifestations Cost cost of purchase real difficulty and effort needed to buy, often defined together with the time of delivery from an online store or the time of finding the right thing Convenience convenience a complete shopping experience, which consists of the pleasure of the sales process and its entire environmen.

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Communication communication a two. Way equivalent of classic promotion, which is traditionally one way it is a team of advertising. PR and promotion activities social media, influencers . MARKETING influencer marketing numoco , years ago minutes of reading There is more and more talk about influencers these days. These are undoubtedly people who have an impact on others, as evidenced by the name itself. “Influence” is a word that means “influence” in English. In the world of social media, an influencer is a person who has a wide Switzerland Phone Numbers List audience and influences them in various ways. It is worth knowing that the reach of influencers is so large that at the moment they also have an impact on marketing.

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There is even such a thing as influencer marketinge. A form of marketing in which influencers who are heroes for many modern people play the main role. Their influence on others can be used but how How can they help people who run their business online Influencer marketing what is it Influencers have a very large impact on their audience usually young people, but not only. They can talk about some products, describe them, praise them, but they Leads Blue can also indicate that they were disappointed with something. These people can focus on one industry or operate in many at the same time.

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