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In fact this is word of mouth marketing. The popular form of content can be anything. Most often they are: Filmy single photos collages audio short texts games flash moby; creative promotions Viral marketing should not only familiarize the recipients with the promoted product, but also contain content that will interest users and encourage them to re-publish. The most common topics in this area are erotica, sports and extreme tricks, shocking action, humor, as well as children, pets and anything that evokes emotions. Stages of creating an ad Viral marketing, like everyone else, loves a basic approach. As a rule, building a powerful foundation for viral advertising involves four main steps: Preparation Developing a creative idea and choosing the type of content.

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Creating viral ads Testing and analytics The preparatory stage includes the study of the target audience and the selection of sites with the highest concentration of potential buyers. For an ad to go viral, it’s important to get it to the right people. The ideal formula to launch the virus looks like this: Interesting message Right target group Well-chosen ​​Hong Kong Phone Numbers List advertising distribution channels. People will understand and accept your message only if it meets their expectations and needs. So, the key questions to answer when preparing are: Who is your target group (age, gender, income level, mindset, etc.)? What excites, excites and inspires these people.

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What social networks do they use most often. When developing a viral ad idea, keep in mind that creating viral marketing ideas involves studying market trends and analyzing your competitors’ marketing strategies and how your audience reacts to them. The type of content you choose depends largely on the channels you use. For example, photos are best shared on Instagram and videos on YouTube. When choosing a form, it is necessary to take into account what resources the target audience visits, what is perceived better and what it Leads Blue prefers to share with friends. Material spreads faster if: it is easy to share with others it is easy to download it’s easy.

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