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Such ads will be remov. from the. Google network. Is trademark registration always associat. with the inability to advertise for a specific brand name in. Google Ads Not necessarily, because according to the Google Ads terms and conditions, the advertiser can use the trademark in the ad text if the owner gives him permission. Read more https support. Google adspolicy answer It may happen that the owner of a word trademark blocks advertising for the brand name in Google Ads, depriving other entrepreneurs of the possibility of advertising for this particular word. In this case, it s a good idea to send a request to have your campaign review. for compliance with Google Ads policies.

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If the ad is prepar. correctly. Google will allow it to be display. In many ways, has been an extremely interesting year for the. SEO industry. The pandemic and lockdown have made advertising and promoting your own business online  List of Real Mobile Phone Numbers the only way to reach the client. Many companies had to adapt to the new reality overnight, increasing their online advertising budgets. The e commerce market is growing, and with it the competition fighting for the first places in search results. The year will be a challenge for the SEO industry, as well as for entrepreneurs themselves.

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Why To win the race for the. Podium, you will have to invest in new technologies and keep up to date with all changes in algorithms introduc. by Google. SEO in In , we were dealing with relative stability on the part of. Google in the context of introducing changes. We had a few algorithm updates at the beginning of the year, but in the second half of the year it was much quieter. Of course, minor adjustments were. Made on a monthly Leads Blue basis, but they did not have a big impact on the industry. Interestingly, the way Google communicates about announc.

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