Dall’email marketing all’email remarketing

Speaking more properly of remarketing, i.e. email marketing campaigns aimed at leads that have not completed the conversion, it is possible to implement various solutions.

Depending on what the need is, in fact, it is possible to choose between:

  • Cart recovery : with messages addressed to all those who have suspended their checkout, i.e. not having completed the purchase process. In fact, a reminder email accompany by a discount or special offer can be address to them to push the user to complete the transition;
  • Limited time or limited availability offers : with communications that leverage the principle of scarcity to generate a sense of urgency in users and push them to purchase. In general, these are accesses to limited offers which may include free delivery or a discount on the second piece. This type of offer is accompanied by one that leverages the principle of scarcity of available products, useful for increasing Bahamas Phone Number List the perception of their value. In both cases, email remarketing aims to present the product or service as an exclusive not to be missed, thus trying to get the better of the most instinctive part of consumers;
  • Up selling and cross selling : strategy that targets users who have completed the purchase to present them with related products identified on the basis of their interests and their purchase history or to push them to purchase higher quality products and additions.


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As we have seen so far, remarketing and retargeting strategies aim to increase return traffic to the website or e-commerce and increase the number of conversions. Being able to target Leads Blue this particular category of users who have already shown interest in the brand, perhaps by visiting its website, naturally means increasing the chances of being able to complete a purchase.

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