Factors affecting email deliverability

The ability of emails to reach recipients is influenced by several factors , not all of which are necessarily controllable. As we have seen, when a user’s mailbox is full, a soft bounce is generated and there are no technical solutions (other than sending the email at a later time) to remedy the problem.

In other cases, however, it is possible to increase email deliverability by working on the sender’s reputation . What does it mean?

The sender reputation is a score that determines the trustworthiness of the email . This score is produced by an algorithm that takes into account a number of factors, including content quality, message frequency and open rates . Naturally, the lower the sender’s reputation score, the less likely it is to reach users’ primary mailboxes.

The level of involvement that the emails manage to generate in the public then contributes to influencing email deliverability . Do users like the content? If so, the numbers will prove it. This is why it is important to carefully segment users and communications, so as to provide each user with the most pertinent and relevant message.  

The KPIs to monitor to evaluate audience engagement

To measure the level of audience engagement or engagement , it is important to track a number of metrics. In particular, the KPIs useful in this sense are:

  • Open rate : the email opening rate. When the open rate reaches very low levels it means that the communications sent are not read by users. In these cases it is useful to  New Zealand Phone Number List analyze the situation and hypothesize the factors that negatively affect the open. Perhaps the communications are irrelevant? Is the subject of the email unappealing? Do the messages end up in spam? 
  • CTR – Click Through Rate : the click rate of the emails. It keeps track of the number of people who, once they received the email, clicked on the links, CTAs or images. Of course, this KPI is very useful for understanding the real effectiveness of communications. 
  • Bounce rate : the bounce rate. As we have seen, it indicates problems in the correct reception of emails by users and reports the number of messages rejected by the receiving server.  

How to improve email deliverability

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But how to improve your sender reputation?  

Sender reputation , the metric that is used to gauge a sender’s trust andworthiness, builds over time . This is why, in order to launch a successful email campaign, it is important to follow a series of best practices.  

To begin:

  • Define the frequency and quantity of emails to be sent : there is no univocal indication as regards quantity and frequency since each sector, and each brand, lives on Leads Blue different logics and the target audience is different. However, once you have established how to proceed, know that ISPs regulate metrics by perceiving any non-routine activity as suspicious, such as a sudden increase in sent emails.

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