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Urgency Gre factor Indifference It’s suppos to be the recipe for success in sales, meaning if you use a little bit of all of those techniques in your sales pitch, you’re likely to close And when appropriate, you can sprinkle it throughout your marketing as well to increase your clicks, leads, and conversions Now we show e amples of FUGI in real ads in our top ad e amples post So if you want e amples of how to insert these into your ads effectively, check that out But for this post, we just want you to be aware of the acronym to have another tool under your belt to get people’s attention when.

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You want to create ads that stop the scroll Tip AB test everything you can about your ads Not every ad technique works for every business, and even if you do find a ad that works well for you, it’s not guarante to work forever The market changes, your petitors change, your customers change, and your ad approach nes to change with it So A Complete List Of Unit Phone Numbers the solution to all of this is to AB split test your ads ads split testing AB split testing “is where you test multiple ads or ad sets out at the same time, with variable chang among them, to see what performs best ” Let’s say you make a ad addressing.

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Specific pain point, and it doesn’t do well Then what If that’s the only ad you ran, it doesn’t give you much to go off of You don’t know what it is about the ad that your customers didn’t like Was the graphic not eye catching enough Was the copy not relevant enough Running ad doesn’t make any of that clear But let’s say you ran different ads to the same audience, all addressing different pain points The ad that performs best out of those is telling as to Leads Blue what your customers care about more as it relates to your product or service And it doesn’t stop there There are endless things you can.

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