What are Google Ads Discovery campaigns

86% of online consumers say they are looking for shopping ideas while watching videos or browsing content on the web” (Jerry Dischler, former Vice President of Google Ads). If there is one obvious thing, it is that for some years now, the discovery of new contents and products online has become a fundamental aspect for modern consumers. Marketing has naturally had to adapt to changing times by opting for a change of course: if originally, in fact, it tended to interrupt consumers during the use of content, today the most effective marketing strategies aim rather to intercept the public just when it is ready to discover something new . It is precisely by following this new approach that Google Ads has introducedin 2019 and made available from 2020 .

Google Ads Discovery campaigns represent

an innovative form of interactive visual advertising inspired by the essence of social ads with the ultimate goal of intercepting the user in the discovery phase, as he navigates within his personalized feeds .

Unlike campaigns based on keywords Thailand Phone Number List such as Search, which focus on queries entered by the user on the search engine, Discovery campaigns are based on audience segments , i.e. specific clusters of targets that are identified at the time the campaign is created. campaign, just like with.

During his 2019 presentation

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Brad Bender outlined one of Google Display’s primary goals: to provide Leads Blue advertisers with a tool to reach the right people not only when they’re actively looking for something specific online, but also when they’re open to discovering what they don’t know. (or that they forgot) .

In short, Discovery ads offer an innovative approach to intercept almost 3 billion users during the discovery phase and thus reach a vast audience of potential customers with whom to interact through personalized advertising experiences.

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