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Of the day itself for example in the case of Christmas on the Google homepage, we will see basically nothing, which could be associat with the Christian faith, and instead our eyes will see a beautifully decorat Christmas tree and children playing with freshly unwrapp presents. See Extremely Fail Marketing Campaigns From the most important events in the history of Google Doodles, we can recall the year and the report publish by the activist organization SPARK Movement. She found a large gender and race disparity in the doodles, claiming that most of them honor white men.

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The report receiv wide coverage in the mia, and Google assur that it would equalize the percentage of women and representatives of racial minorities in subsequent graphics. Google Doodles Summary You already know what doodles are and what their history is, as well as the controversies and statistics associat with them. Perhaps one day you will see your original idea on the Google homepage We encourage you to try your hand and Bosnia and Herzegovina Mobile Number List wish you good luck Every brand wants the messages it sends to the world to be authentic and to attract new customers to it. How to promote the company in a reliable and honest way, so that it also translates into its positive reception The answer is the title employee advocacy EA program, i.e. promoting the company by its employees.

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What exactly is an EA What does it actually mean What benefits can it bring to our brand How to implement it correctly and what mistakes should be avoid when implementing it We answer all these questions in the following article. Employee advocacy is it worth it Many people believe that customers buy products or services bas on their brand. It is present as a symbiosis of several important factors quality customers pay attention to whether the product or service meets their expectations in terms of quality; style people identify themselves Leads Blue with whatever they can. Determining what the brand wants to present allows you to reach much more specific groups of recipients.

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