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But before we get into that, if you want to learn. More about social mia advertising, in general, then check out our new social mia ads training course. Even if your cost per result is healthy, frequency is still something to keep your eye on and we’ll show you why in a second So to get to frequency, we’re going to change our column metrics to Delivery, and then we’ll see the frequency metric ad results says it’s the average number of times each person saw your ad So if your frequency is higher than , it means the same people are seeing your ads multiple times.

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Having a high frequency can either be a good. Thing or a bad thing when it comes to ad results, depending on your ad performance So, if your. Cost per result is healthy and profitable, but your frequency is , does that mean you should change everything to get your frequency lower Not necessarily Don’t fi what’s not broken, you know Luxembourg Mobile Number List what we mean In changing your ads and or audiences to lower your frequency you run the risk of ruining what is working about your current ad and audience combination that are driving the good results you’ve been getting.

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The same people seeing your ad times isn’t bad. If you’re still generating great results at a profitable cost And at the same time, the same people seeing. Your ad times is bad if you’re not generating great results at a profitable cost That’s why we often look at frequency as a quick troubleshooting metric if your ads aren’t performing well because it’s a quick fi But what we would advise is if your frequency is high but you’re happy with your cost per Leads Blue result, then leave things as they are for now But go ahead and have some back up audiences and ads ready to test out in the.

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