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Choose Mia for either a Post or Story. Tap Next. Select one of four promotions Reach new people More profile visits More website visits More messages We will go with “Reach new people”. Tap Create Promotion. Now select your goal. We’ll go with profile visits. Tap Next. Select your special categories, create an audience, or use Instagram’s suggest audience, and tap Next. Select your budget and how long your ad will run. Notice the total amount you’ll spend and expect results adjust as you move the slider. Select Next when you’re happy with your selections.

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Review your Story Ad Promotion for accuracy and tap the Create Promotion button. This will go live after it’s review by Instagram. How To Optimize Instagram Story Ads Optimization matters for all ads. So, let’s look at how you can optimize Instagram Story ads before we get into best practices. a. Create a separate version for IG Stories. optimize instagram story ads You’ll have the option to run your square or nearly square IG fe post or video Jamaica Mobile Number List as a Story. We don’t recommend this option unless you’ve resign your ad to fit the full vertical screen. Here’s why.

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The fe ad looks fine. Great, even. But as a Story Bleh. We have the perfect on how to design Instagram ads that you can read next. b. Keep your IG Stories ads in a separate ad set. This way, you can run A B tests, set up independent budgets, and see what works best. c. Use stickers for engagement. We will discuss more of this in best practices. But the key takeaway here is that using stickers increases time spent on Stories x in of ads test by IG. Best Practices Leads Blue On Creating & Optimizing Instagram Story Ads You can follow some best practices to help your IG ads perform better.

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