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Target audience taking up space in your. Funnel If they know about your brand, they know what you offer, and they’re not interest or are an unqualifi lead, boot them out. You don’t want to waste any time, effort, or money nurturing a lead that’s not going to convert later. Bottom of funnel Conversion Stage Lastly, the narrowest part at the bottom is call bottom of funnel, also known as the conversion stage People who have made it to this point in your funnel are consider a “hot audience” That’s because they’re familiar with your brand, they’ve shown interest.

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They ve taken a high intent action. This could mean that they’ve shar their contact information with you or they’ve been adding your products to cart, for. E ample, but they just haven’t made the move to purchase yet Your bottom of funnel marketing materials should be made ready to close these people That’s because, by this point, all they ne is Romania Mobile Number List that e tra push to convert into a customer. So those are your basic parts to a ad funnel advertising funnel, in general. Now there’s a bonus fourth section you don’t always see talk about, but before we get into that, here’s our.

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New social mia ads webinar Go check it out if you’re. Interest in mastering social mia advertising, ads includ. Advocacy So the fourth section of a ad funnel that you don’t always hear about is for people who have already purchas We referr to this as the. Advocacy stage in our other posts If you’re a B C or eCommerce company, repeat purchases may be something you aim for The advocacy stage is where you can nurture your e isting customers Leads Blue to become repeat buyers If you’re. B B or a service bas company like us, this stage could be us to nurture e isting clients to.

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