Creator Economy what is it and how can you apply it in marketing?

What is the creator economy? When we talk about the creator economy, we are referring to the set of income that a content creator gets thanks to the content they upload to the internet, in whatever format, and other types of activities related to their facet as creator. In this way, monetization can come from different sources: from the very platform where he develops as a creator. Of collaborations with brands. Directly by the followers. How did the creator economy come about? The possibility that a creator economy exists is due to the evolution of technology, specifically mobile phones, cameras, computers, internet connectivity, etc.

What is the Creator Economy?

However, what marked a before and after, increasing the Germany Business Fax List possibilities of income for content creators, were social networks . They were the ones that boosted the visibility of the creators and the ones that made it possible for them to make a living from it. What platforms are the most used? Instagram is the social network that leads participation in the creator economy, as there are more than 30 million creators on the platform, 500,000 of whom work full-time in this area. For its part, youtube ranks second with more than 12 million creators, followed by twitch with 2 million. In addition to these, we also find other platforms with a large presence of creators, such as tiktok, only fans, and patreon, among others.

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What platforms are the most used?

Content creators upload videos to the platform and ads Leads Blue appear in different parts of the videos. The amount of advertising displayed on them influences their remuneration on the platform. For their part, companies can take advantage of it to advertise and carry out their own marketing strategy. Sponsored content it is very common in social networks that do not offer compensation to their creators for the content uploaded, as is the case with instagram .

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