Content Marketing: What It Is And How To Use It Successfully (2023)

What is and what is not  is to digital marketing like the color black is to the world of fashion: a classic that never fails. Already 12 years ago, joe gave a definition for content marketing that is still totally valid: “A marketing technique of creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire and gain the attention of a well-defined target audience, with the aim of encouraging them to be future customers”. Simple, right? So that you have it even clearer, we are going to see some clues about what this type of marketing is and what it is not. What is content marketing a way to provide free value . “Give, what you will receive” is one of the great maxims of content creation. A long term investment .

What is and what is not content marketing

Some companies start with great enthusiasm to write a blog, and UK Business Fax List leave it when they do not see results in a few months. Mistake! Before jumping into the pool, you have to be clear that to obtain the best results you will have to be constant and think in the long term. A bet from the whole team . If you think about the different people who work in your company, surely they can bring refreshing points of view to your content. Although the main effort corresponds to the marketing department, involving your entire team will make your content much more interesting. What content marketing is not it’s not just writing articles . When we think about this type of marketing, we often stop at the first step: creating content around your brand. Actually, a complete content strategy consists of four phases: generating traffic, generating leads, lead nurturing, and generating customers. It is not native advertising.

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What is content marketing

Although they have things in common, native advertising has Leads Blue two big differences with content marketing : it is based on paying for space in other media (instead of publishing on our own channels) and it makes use of an existing audience (instead of going creating our own from scratch). It is not inbound marketing . Content marketing is inbound marketing, but not necessarily the other way around. And it is that this term implies all the actions to attract customers to your business, including more traditional tools, such as advertising. It’s not copywriting. Don’t be tempted to use your blog as an excuse to sell! Content marketing is based on helping and supporting the user. Overly promotional slogans and speeches are out of place.

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