TOP 20 data on content marketing from different studies

20 facts from the latest studies on content marketing 1) the use of gifs has increased due . The covid-19 pandemic we all know that instagram directs have triumphed during the quarantine. But their impact has also reached one of the content formats with the longest history on the internet: gifs. Specifically, giphy has stated that during the month of march 2020.  There has been a 33% increase in the use of gifs , including a 30% increase in gif searches for “I love you”. “I miss you ” and “You can with this”. By the way, for those who don’t know, facebook has bought the conclusion for content. Marketing is clear. It is that this format continues to enjoy great acceptance among users.

20 facts from the latest studies on content marketing

Giphy 2) creating marketing emails takes longer than we thought Chinese American Phone Number List according to a recent study by litmus. Only 23% of respondents say it takes them a few days or less to create a marketing email . More than half of the study participants (53%) stated that it typically takes them less. Than two weeks to write and send a marketing email. Why does it cost so much? Most of the time is not spent on planning or writing the email. But on things like design, scheduling, and review and approval. 3) podcast consumption continues to grow the ” infinite dial ” report has been reporting on the consumption of podcasts and other audio products for 22 years.

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The use of GIFs has increased due to the COVID-19 pandemic

The latest study published, from Leads Blue march 2020. Reveals that the popularity of this format continues to grow: 75% of americans are familiar with podcasts, and this number represents 10 million more people than last year. 55% of americans have listened to a podcast, which is 4% more than last year. More than a third of americans listen to one or more podcasts a month (100 million people in total). 4) customers do not see almost three quarters of the content on your website within content marketing , we are not only interested in creating new content, but also focusing on making what we already have useful and easy to find . And it is that according to a new study by contentsquare, almost 70% of the content published on web pages is not seen by consumers.

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