Content Marketing Content Consumption Trends in the Coronavirus Era

Content consumption according to average interaction time to measure the interaction between users and content, the chatbeat study proposes a metric called “Engaged time” . Engagement time is the average time users spend actively interacting with content. In order to properly assess this metric, it must be taken into account that 45% of readers who load an article abandon it in the first 15 seconds and more than 60% of them never return. During the second quarter of 2020, engagement time was high across the globe , perhaps reflecting a greater amount of free time available. Additionally, the data shows that readers who engaged with content for at least 15 seconds were more likely to return. At a global level, this was the average interaction time by zone: latin america: 36 seconds .

Content consumption according to average interaction time

This is the second quarter that this region has positioned New Zealand Business Fax List itself as a leader in this metric and it continues on an upward trend since 2019. Africa: 35 seconds . This region is also on an upward trend, as the average interaction time was 31 seconds in the last quarter of 2019 and 33 seconds in the first quarter of 2020. Central asia: 34 seconds . North america: 32 seconds . Southeast asia: 32 seconds . Southern europe: 32 seconds . Asia/pacific: 31 seconds . Middle east: 31 seconds . Northern europe: 29 seconds . Central and eastern europe: 29 seconds . Marketing-of-content-the-trends-of-consumption-of-content-in-the-era-coronavirus-reader-engagement consumption of content according to source (“Referral”) traffic from mobiles traffic from mobiles increased worldwide .

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Consumption of content according to source

The world leader is central asia, with 87% of traffic coming  from mobiles (10% more than in the previous quarter). Interaction with content related to the global pandemic Leads Blue has been a clear driver of cross-device references. In second place is africa, with 83% of traffic coming from mobiles (in the first quarter of 2020 this figure was 80%). In the rest of the world we can see more modest increases, between 1 and 2%. The figures range from 62% in central and eastern europe to 77% in the middle east. Marketing-of-contents-the-trends-of-consumption-of-content-in-the-era-coronavirus-mobile-traffic search traffic search traffic also increased in central asia, from 33% in the first quarter of 2020 to 38% in the second.

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