CMS what it is and the best content managers

What is a  and what is it for? A  or content manager is a software tool that has three main functions: create websites. Creating a website involves different technologies, both to generate the html pages themselves and to store and access the resources they use. Allow us to create websites without the need to have knowledge of these technologies or know how to program. Manage and maintain websites. Websites are usually not static, especially if we use them for content marketing. The cms allows us to update or maintain the contents of a website very easily and, once again, without the need for specialized knowledge. Manage websites.

What is a CMS and what is it for?

Finally, cms allow us to manage the functions and capabilities Dubai Business Fax List of the website, for example, deciding how the url structure will be, how images will be stored or how the different web pages that make up the site will be organized. Today, cms can be used to manage practically any type of website, from corporate websites and blogs to ecommerce or online training platforms. What features should a professional cms have? There are many content managers available on the market, so to make the right choice, we first have to know what we need.

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What features should a professional CMS have?

In the next section we will review the best cms, but to begin Leads Blue with, we will see the main features that we should look for in our content manager: easy to use. A good cms should make it very easy for you to create and edit content. Many of them work with “Drag and drop” interfaces, so you can modify different elements of the page and see the results in real time. Variety of design options. A professional cms must have a wide catalog of templates to create your site and have options to customize them to your liking, ideally without the need to modify the code. Data portability.

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