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You ll ne to stay up-to-date with the changes. So you can run the most effective Instagram ad strategy possible. How custom audiences work and why we use them. Custom audiences use data and interaction from your website, Instagram account, and upload lists to show ads to those people on Instagram. These audiences typically work better than cold targeting using. General demographics, interests, behaviors, and locations because they’re more likely to want whatever it is you’re advertising. They’re consider a warm audience because they’ve interact with you in some way.

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These audiences also are less expensive to. Advertise to than cold audiences, precisely because their intent is higher. And, these audiences are what you use to create Lookalike Audiences we’ll show you how to do that in a couple of minutes . You have a few custom targeting options for your custom audiences An Engagement Custom Audience Malaysia Phone Number List This is made up of people who have engag with your Instagram account in some way, like watching. Videos, liking, commenting, following, etc. Customer List Custom Audience This is made up of people who you’ve upload from a. CRM or an email provider like MailChimp.

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If you have over people on your email list or in your. CRM, we recommend uploading that and creating a lookalike audience ASAP. App Activity Custom Audience This is made up of people who have download your app and who engage with the app. Website in some way by visiting pages, adding things to your cart, signing up for emails, or making a purchase. You’ll want to try each of the targeting options that apply to you. You can Leads Blue test them with different ad goals like page follows, website clicks, purchases to see which audience performs best for each goal.

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