Choose carefully the sites on which to leave your comment

Not all sites are the same. It is therefore important to carefully choose the sites on which to leave your comments .

Look for blogs, forums or groups that are relevant to your industry or niche market so you can intercept your target audience.

Especially when we talk about blogs and websites, it would still be important to make sure that the blog in question has good monthly traffic , so as to be more likely that someone will read your comment and maybe join the conversation.

A great way to check a blog’s traffic is to use Semrush . If you haven’t already, create an account (it’s free) and enter the domain of the blog you want to analyze . Launch the search Bulk SMS Vietnam and you will find out what is the monthly traffic of the blog you have searched for.

Another parameter that you can take into consideration to know if what you want to comment on is a good site is its Domain Authority and its online reputation. Make sure they are high-quality blogs that are well structured and open to dialogue .

Once you have selected the best sites but also the best platforms – leave relevant and constructive comments that offer value to the discussion and that can attract the attention of other bloggers and users.

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4. Leave comments consistently

Comment marketing is not a “do it once and bye” strategy.

Indeed, it is important to leave comments consistently if you really want to achieve significant results. So try to set aside some time each day or each week for your comment marketing activity.

It doesn’t matter if you stay there for days, really: even just 15 minutes a day will bring you incredible results!

5. Stimulate discussion and build relationships

Remember that comment marketing is not just about commenting. It’s not trying to get a backlink . It’s not trying to look like the coolest/competent/everything on the web at all costs.

Comment marketing is above all a matter of interaction and connection .

Therefore, try to stimulate discussion, to offer Leads Blue points of view and solutions , and to create authentic relationships with other participants in the conversation.

Always respond to comments left to you, even to criticisms leveled at you, and try to establish a constructive and authentic dialogue .

Always seek the meeting, never the clash.

Only in this way will you be able to build lasting relationships and earn the trust of colleagues, bloggers, users and other participants.

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