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Rirecting to various subpages of the website, is also important here. Activities relat to changes in the website code Activities relat to changes in the website code usually require professional knowlge, therefore these activities are usually perform by SEO specialists. These activities include, among others: adapting the store to W C standards, application and optimization of CSS styles, solving the problem of duplicate content , the use of so-call friendly URLs, external linking, installation of Google Analytics codes, installation of Search Console codes. Other activities relat to changes in the website code are the spe of loading the store and the mobility of the website.

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These effects are briefly characteriz below. Store loading spe An extremely important aspect affecting the positioning of a website, including an online store, is to take care of the website’s loading spe. Pages whose content is display quickly show a lower bounce rate, i.e. leaving the page or subpage without reading its content. Compliance with the guidelines of the Google search engine affects the improvement of the loading spe of the store. Page New Zealand Phone Numbers List loading time is one of Google’s ranking factors (it affects the position of the page in the search engine). Site mobility Another important aspect conducive to positioning is ensuring the mobility of the online store.

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A mobile page is a page that is adapt to be display on various devices, for example, on phones (smartphones and iPhones) or tablets. The features of this type of website are providing only the most important information and fewer graphic elements compar to traditional websites. In addition, a mobile website should consume as little data as possible so as not to burden the user’s transfer. Online store positioning – summary Positioning an online store is one of the most popular and cost-effective methods of online marketing. Positioning consists of a number of activities – some of them you can do yourself, others should be outsourc to SEO specialists. For these Leads Blue activities to be effective, an audit must be perform, which is the basis for optimization activities.

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