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The sale is address to persons exempt from , goods of own production are sold for example, handicrafts, the creation of which does not require the purchase of expensive materials . Registering as an active payer is profitable if: operating costs are high, high expenditures are expect. for business delopment, the goods sold e from external suppliers, the sale will largely be to other panies. What do ZUS contributions look like in the online store An entrepreneur is oblig. to apply for ZUS insurance if his online store is: a sole proprietorsh, a one person limit. liability pany, a register.

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Civil partnersh a limit partnersh. Basic contributions, i.e. without voluntary sickness insurance, currently amount to PLN , . per month . On the other hand, the contribution with sickness insurance is equal to PLN , . per month . Both of these amounts include contributions to the Labor Fund. Entrepreneurs must settle contributions Cambodia Mobile Number List for various types of insurance in the settlement declaration ZUS DRA form . On the other hand, running an online store in the form of a multi person pany here: limit. liability pany, limit. joint stock partnersh, joint stock pany does not oblige you to pay insurance to ZUS. The above mention. multi person partnershs are not subject to social and health insurance.

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Hower these panies bee payers of contributions when they employ employees. Hower, the vast majority of websites, including popular ones, pay from to for hosting. The cheapest hostings are usually less efficient. Hower, we do not always have to buy hosting. We can use the store’s offers for a subscrtion these are, for example, Shoper or Sky Shop. Then the provider provides us with its software along with hosting and technical support. This is a good solution for people who are unable to cope with it on their own. Hosting is ne.. when we want to install the store software on our own here: PrestaShop, Woomerce. The advantage is that we do not have to pay Leads Blue Subscrtions for the store’s software, we only pay for the server hosting once a year.

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