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So if you follow a lot of the advice online, you won’t reach back out to that contact to offer them something else for at least a couple of days. And that may be too long. Instead, we recommend you start asking for that next yes right away. Here’s what we mean If they download. a PDF, use the last page or spots throughout to upsell your course, package, service, product, etc. They’re already reading and interest., so why wait If they gave you their email address, send them an email imm.iately. Introduce yourself, talk about what they gave you their email for, and then upsell or direct them to another product, service, or experience.

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Add leads to a retargeting audience and show them ads aim. at converting them to buyers. These can be dynamic ads featuring your product catalog or ads you create for a specific goal or purpose. facebook ad campaign If they’ve join. a free webinar, use that time to mention other items that they may find beneficial. Don’t forget to use thank you Denmark Cell Phone Number List pages on your website to direct customers to more great products or resources on your site. Actually, the ideas are endless. . Invite Facebook Ad Leads to Your Facebook Group While they’re still interest. and ready to click, get them over to your Facebook Group. Facebook groups Your Facebook group should.

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Be built out and active with a wealth of information. Here’s a great example of that. facebook ad leads You’ve probably experienc. being really excit. about a topic, page, or person you’ve come across only to feel deflat. when there wasn’t more than a couple of pages worth of deeper digging you can do. You want your audience to be able to lose themselves in this group, if they want. Now, don’t stress out if you’re just starting a group or don’t have one yet . You don’t ne. to wait until you have a ton of content to run ads. And you shouldn’t rush to put out a bunch Leads Blue of m.iocre content. Just focus on publishing quality content regularly and focus on helping your audience.

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