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But for small businesses and especially local businesses restaurant or not engagement methods like this can do a lot for your brand awareness, brand recall, and customer loyalty. Summary We’ve help this client grow on social mia and were able to grow their Instagram by over , and their Twitter by more than . Case Study Embroidery Store The next company on our list of digital marketing case studies is The Embroidery Store which is a wholesaler for embroidery supplies. They have a wide range of products and are known as the leading supplier of embroidery supplies to the commercial embroidery industry.

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They came to us after failing to realize profitable sales via Google ads on their own. Our ads produc conversions which result in over $ , in revenue for them, so let’s look at how we did it. digital marketing case studies We ran ads for different keywords bas on different products, again using different match types as well. digital marketing case studies These were the top performing ads that sent people directly to their shop page. digital marketing case studies One thing that’s important to note about PPC campaigns is that you’re putting them in Kenya Mobile Number List front of people who you know are at least somewhat interest because they’re actively searching for a high intent keyword that’s relat to what you offer.

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That s what we did with their ad group here to help them find their niche target audience. In the ad, you have a limit amount of character space to work with, and for search campaigns, in particular, there is no image. So you usually want to get right to the point and that’s what our ads did here “Embroidery Supplies. High quality, low prices.” Our client spent $ , . on these ads and made a . return on investment with $ , . in revenue. Case Study Talijah Waajid Leads Blue The next one on our list of real digital marketing studies belongs to Taliah Waajid.

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