Blog about health and wellness

If you are passionate about fitness, wellness and health , then you can think about starting a blog that deals with these topics.Through this type of blog you can help other people to live better with their bodies , have a healthier and more active life, for example by sharing information on how to lose weight, healthy eating or training.A great idea can be to share your experiences and your achievements , inspiring other people to follow your same steps.Even these types of blogs are easily monetized through advertising, the sale of own products (such as books, ebooks or online courses) or partnerships with other companies.Examples of great health and wellness blogs:

  • My Personal Trainer
  • The Yoga Monkey

Personal finance blog

Are you good at managing personal finances or are you a financial advisor? Then a personal finance blog is just right for you.

Through the blog Bulk SMS Italy you can offer advice for saving, investing , how to pay off your debts but also how to spend your money better.

The most effective monetization method for these types of blogs is undoubtedly affiliations. There are in fact many affiliate programs focused precisely on this theme.

The best personal finance blogs to get inspired by:

  • My business
  • Lixi Invest
  • Living well spending less

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One type of blog that I personally love and follow

A lot are DIY blogs . If you have good manual skills, you know how to do chores around the house or you love building, then throw yourself on this type of blog.

You can share guides and tutorials to create, fix or renovate , perhaps even using recycled materials.

Here are my favorite DIY blogs:

  • Desire to renovate
  • How to do with Barbara
  • DIY hobbies
  • Addicted 2 diy

7. Tech Blogs

If you, like me, are a geek, a bit nerdy and a lover of Leads Blue geek culture, you will enjoy developing a blog on technology .

Tech blogs are often a kind of magazine and can range across many different topics, from news to gadgets, from reviews of tech products to movies and TV series.

Here are the best tech blogs to get inspiration from:

  • Tom’s Hardware
  • geeks
  • HDblog.


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