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But it would be good research to see what topics of theirs get a lot of attention since your sought after target market is likely to be following and engaging with their content. You want to make note of things when conducting your competitor analysis The topics they’re talking about. The copy or verbiage in how they’re addressing them. The creatives they’re using. We’ll touch more on how you’ll utilize all of this information in a minute, but first, be sure to check out our new social mia ads training course after this. Step , Make a topic map bas on the information you’ve compil so far.

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We usually suggest making a topic map of main topics that you can break down into subtopics, if necessary. But start by writing down main things you think your audience would find valuable to see from you on IG bas on the research you’ve perform thus far. These will be the topics you start your content creation around. And, they’ll also be handy to refer back to anytime you feel stuck or get writer’s block in the future. Step Outline your Iran Mobile Number List content for the next month. We usually do this in a Google Doc for our clients, but you can physically write it down on a big desk calendar or however you want to do it.

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You just want to start pulling from the list of topics you’ve written down and transferring them to date on a calendar. This is so you can start forming a plan of posting about topic A on this date, topic B on this date, and so on. Step Do a quick Google search of upcoming holidays. In addition to obvious holidays like Christmas, there are tons of national and international holidays out there like National Coffee Day National Author’s Day Go through all of the holidays for the upcoming month and see if there are any that are relat to your Leads Blue industry, product, or service. content on instagram And if so, plug that into your content calendar so that you know what to post about that date.

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