Between online and offline marketing

Marketing strategies can relate to the online and offline world and involve the use of many tools.


The development of new technologies has naturally allowed marketing to also move to the online world.  is today the ideal solution for companies wishing to launch advertising campaigns at low cost , knowing that they can not only address the ideal audience potentially interested in buying, but also that they can constantly monitor progress in real time to put take corrective actions.

How to build an effective marketing strategy

Now that we have given a definition of marketing strategy, all that remains is to understand how to build a corporate marketing strategy that is truly capable of achieving the objectives .

To best develop a marketing strategy you can consider the following 5 phases :

1. Market analysis and SWOT analysis

The SWOT analysis (acronym for Strengths, Weakeness, Opportunity Costa Rica Phone Number List and Threats) allows to identify the strengths and weaknesses as well as the opportunities and threats represented by the market in which it operates.

In this very first phase of defining the best corporate marketing strategy, it is of fundamental importance to pay attention to the activity of competitors who have already implemented a well-planned market strategy.

 Definition of the target

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An effective marketing strategy includes a series of activities capable of promoting the business to the right people, in the right way and in the right place and time .

This is why defining the profile of the potential target customer is essential. In fact, it is a question of understanding what he wants and what his needs are Leads Blue in order to be able to construct messages capable of prompting action, making it clear how the company (with its products or services) can satisfy his needs.

Naturally, if the company operates in the B2C sector, the target will be defined by specifics such as demographic age, interests, lifestyle and so on, while for B2B companies the target will be defined in terms of industry, level of innovation, technology etc.

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