Lead generation: meaning and definition


Lead Generation is that set of marketing practices. Techniques and strategies that allow a company to attract people really interested in the products.  Or services offered and to push them to leave their own contact, i.e. sharing personal data such as name. address- email, profession, and so on.

The database that derives from the lead generation activity is a profiled list. of interested contacts with a good probability of conversion for which it makes sense to build.  A precise useful path to accompany them until conversion. In this way, and here’s a further advantage. lead generation guarantees a more efficient use of resources and an increase in ROI .

When we talk about “generating leads” we are referring precisely to the activity of collecting user data. Useful for inserting them into the conversion funnel and building the best possible Customer Journey for them.

If once the collection

of this data took place through the purchase of lists with names and telephone sales, today technology (just think of social networks and email marketing) has completely revolutionized Bolivia Phone Number List lead generation by changing the very way of collecting information on potential buyers and making it possible to personalize the sales process never seen before. The ultimate goal of lead generation campaigns is simple: to generate potential contacts who can then be transformed into real customers at a later time.

But what does lead generation mean

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It is important to underline that lead generation must necessarily.  be followed by activities designed to create and build solid and trusting relationships with new potential customers. capable of keeping Leads Blue their loyalty high and transforming the company into the Tom Of Mind brand.  “comes in mind” to the consumer when he feels the need to proceed with the purchase of a specific product or service. In fact, the acquisition of the lead represents exclusively the principle of the sales funnel.

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