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Usually it is us to exclude a subdomain or a. Specific site from the statistics, but it can be successfully us to filter any unwant traffic. It is worth remembering that this method works only for future traffic and does not remove historical values ​​from the GA tool. This is the custom segment method describ above. The first step is to prepare a filter pattern that will exclude traffic from specific referral sources. For multiple domains, you can. Create it by separating the sites with vertical bars denoting the phrase or bot traffic bottraffic trafficbot. Remember not to start and end the phrase with a vertical bar, as you will exclude all referral sources.

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Excluding single and multiple referrers runs the. Risk of blocking good traffic sources that are unrecoverable in the future. A filter that is too general and matches many results may leave you with a gap in future statistics. Fortunately, in the case of a traffic bot, the matter is quite simple. Before starting custom filtering, go to the Administration tab , then View and Filter tab. Next, add a new custom filter. In the filter field, enter the filter pattern Senegal Mobile Number List bot traffic bottraffic trafficbot see above. Before you implement a filter in. Google Analytics, you should test it. We recommend that you first create a filter in the. GA test view, and if everything works fine, add it to the main view of the tool.

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How to create custom filter in ga Summary. As you can see, the problem of spam traffic in Google Analytics is not a new phenomenon. Despite the impos filters, it is likely to appear in the future, so it is worth being careful and tracking sudden traffic spikes on the website. If you notic an unnaturally increas traffic in your GA at the turn of January or. February , check if you have not been attack by the so call. traffic bots, a new type of spam traffic. To get rid of it from all stats, use the custom segment and custom filter methods first. Please note that Leads Blue changes to the. Google Analytics tool will take approximately hours. Social mia is an ideal field for marketing activities.

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