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To survive and adapt to the way people interact with information and brands, marketing has always tried to take  . Just think, as we read in an article in of the changes following the advent of radio and TV, as well as those produced by the diffusion of the internet and social networks.  
Precisely for this reason, the birth of the so-called AI marketing (or AI marketing) should not come as a surprise, a form of marketing that adopts Artificial Intelligence and machine learning to create highly engaging and personalized Customer Experiences so as to meet the needs of every consumer . I, on the other hand, personalization is now the key element for offering customers, current and potential, experiences with high added value, unique and significant.
Artificial intelligence applied to marketing allows the collection and processing of growing volumes of data (structured and unstructured). Not only does this help you better understand your target audience, but it also helps drive conversions and eases the marketing team’s workload.

But what is AI marketing and what are the actual advantages that artificial intelligence can bring to marketing?

AI marketing: what is Artificial Intelligence Marketing

Before moving on to analyze the advantages of the strategic use of artificial intelligence, it is necessary to define what AI marketing is .

Artificial Intelligence is a set of hardware and software systems endowed with capabilities typical of the human being . We are talking about the ability to interact Benin Phone Number List with the environment, learn and adapt, reason and plan which guarantee AI to autonomously pursue activities generally responsible for human beings. All of this is the result of training algorithms that allow Artificial Intelligence to absorb and process incredible amounts of data to then plan and implement targeted actions. This, of course, in decidedly shorter times than those necessary for human beings.

AI marketing can be understood as

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the set of Artificial Intelligence solutions applied to marketing that aim to improve customer interaction and knowledge and suggest the best actions to take to increase conversions thanks to more persuasive CTAs and customized. In short, this form of marketing uses Artificial Intelligence Leads Blue to automate a series of operations and activities, from data analysis to observing public behavior, which in traditional marketing are carried out manually, with a significant expenditure of resources and money.

By exploiting technologies such as Machine learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP), AI marketing makes it possible to speed up activities while maintaining very high precision and increasing ROI .

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