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Reels Step On this screen, you’ll have the ability. To add or change the music and effects if you didn’t do that on the previous screen. You can also add. Text to your video here, and set it so that certain texts are only on screen for certain time periods. But you’ll want to it your clips first though before you add or it text or else, you’ll have to re do the timing on your text. You’ll also be able to add stickers, gifs, or emojis on this screen. If at any point something isn’t working right, you can tap the dots in the upper right hand corner to let know that. Once you’ve got everything the way you want it, you can tap Next.

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Step If you’re posting this from your personal. Account, you can adjust who is able to see your Reels by setting them to public, friends, or friends except. From there, you can enter your text in the description box, and share your Reel Step If you want to create your Reel from your business page, just go to your business page in the app. And then, scroll down Finland Mobile Number List under the Create Post and tap where it says Reel, and follow the same steps from there. So that’s how to create Reels Best Practices In Creating FB Reels . Apply what’s working for you on IG Reels to Facebook. Reels are so new that we don’t exactly have a ton of historical data yet to say “this works well and this doesnt.

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So if you have already been posting Instagram. Reels for a while take what’s working on that platform and apply the same strategies for Facebook. It’s the same with your other social mia content. If you haven’t post Instagram Reels before, and you’re starting from scratch with Reels the same approach you take to all of your other social mia content will still apply here. Your Reels ne to be made for and about your audience. Don’t waste the extra reach you get from the Reels talking about how many awards you’ve receiv or how great your company is. Talk about Leads Blue things your audience cares about by addressing their nes and goals.

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